January/February 2018 

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


  “Neither is there salvation in any other:

for there is none other name under heaven given among men,

whereby we must be saved.”  Acts 4:12



Church Plant

The past two months have been full of activity.  We ended 2017 with a watchnight service.  It was special to see the people excited about the service since they had never heard of one before.  We started off with a meal where everyone brought a covered dish and then we had the service.  After praying in the new year, we had dessert.  It was a blessing to all of us.

A few services after that, a 12 year old boy, Vagner, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.  Pray for him and especially for the salvation of his father.  A few weeks after that, we had a young lady, Suellen, get saved.  Her family moved to town from the farm where they worked and are living near the church.  Pray for her husband, João Paulo, for his salvation.  They have three children.

During the Mardi Gras here, our mayor does not apply any money for the worldly parties.  So in our town they only get the one day off work and thankfully everything is peaceful and quiet.  So we had a fun day for the people of the church.  We started with a service, then ate and then Bible games.  It was so neat to see all these new converts answering questions, charades, and doing the Sword drill.  After that we had the physical competition with water balloon volley ball, cornhole, kickball, horse shoe and basketball.

In January we had a couple from the church get married.  You may be wondering why this might be special.  Well here most of the people are living together not married.  So once they are saved and are having the discipleship being done, they see that they need to get married.  So now we have saved married couples that are getting ready to be baptized.  

We are praying about constituting the church soon so that when we purchase any property it can already be done in the church’s name.  We will need to have a lawyer help us with this, but this needs to be done before we buy the property or there will be extra fees to transfer it later into the church’s name.



In our previous letters we mentioned the need of $30,000 dollars for property.  The property that we were looking at turned out to be not a good location.  With all the rain and a flash flood that we had last week, it would be unwise to buy that one.  So in looking for another property we found one that is a much better location and a better size.  It is 98 feet wide and 131 feet deep.  The difference for this property is $10,000 dollars.  So now instead of the $30,000 dollars we are raising $40,000 dollars.  But what is so exciting about this is that we are now up to $16,400 dollars already.  Our sending church recently gave $5,000 dollars toward the property.  Praise the Lord for them and every other church and individual that has helped with this.  If you or the church would like to be part of this, you can send your gift to our mission board: MWBM P.O. Box 519, Braselton, GA 30517.  Make a note for Stephen Doolittle—Land Fund.



It is not always easy saying goodbye, but we had to as Philip and Hannah headed back to PCC.  Philip will be graduating next year and Hannah has one more year after that.  Soon we will be saying goodbye to Joshua as he will be headed off to college in 2019.  I know so many of you already have been through this so you know what it is like.  We have learned to cherish the moments when we are all together.

We had the privilege of having my dad and Ruth here with us for a few days.  They were able to see the work and some of Guarantã and the surrounding area.  Dad preached on the Sunday night that they were here.  We were glad to have them here with us even it was for only a few days.


Thank you once again for praying and giving so that we can reach souls here in Guarantã do Norte.



Praises:  1. Salvation of two more souls   2. $16,400 toward the land

Prayer Requests:  1. Salvation of more souls   2. Wisdom in the ministry   3. Remainder of funds needed for the property.




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