Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


  “Neither is there salvation in any other:

for there is none other name under heaven given among men,

whereby we must be saved.”  Acts 4:12


Church Plant

It is always exciting to see the way that God works, both big and small.  We had a really good Christmas program, with a good number of people attending that service.  Due to the lack of children, we worked with the adults.  It was really neat to see their dedication to it; with the exception of my family, none of the participants had ever seen or been in a Christmas program.  One week after that we had our watch-night service.  We started with a meal at 9pm, then we had our service with a New Years challenge; following that, we prayed in the New Year.  After that, we had desserts and returned home.  For both the Christmas program and the watch-night service we had first time visitors.  One couple continued coming to the Sunday night services.  Kelly and I paid them a visit and tried to answer any questions that they had while also leaving them with the plan of salvation.  A couple of weeks later they both got saved.  Their names are Rodrigo and Rayanne, and they have 3 young boys.  Please remember to pray for them. Rodrigo is Adriana´s brother, so she has already followed through with the challenge of our theme for this year, “One by One”.  

We have not been able to finish the work on the church building, so we have not moved yet.  We have had a few set backs, but have almost completed.  The bathrooms lack painting, and we are in the process of painting the church building. Hopefully in the next few days we will be ready for a final clean up, to finally be able to move.  When I stop to see what God has done in the two years that we have been here, it is truly amazing.  I would have never imagined having the property, much less a building; and He has given us both.  



As was mentioned in our last prayer letter, Philip will be graduating this May, and Joshua will be starting his first year of college life. We will be returning to the USA at the beginning of April and staying two and a half months.  This is not a furlough, but will be family time, as Philip will be getting set up for his next phase in life and Joshua will be preparing for college life.  We covet your prayers for our family as we continue these transitions, that God would be honored and glorified in all we do.

The work here will continue going forward.  Alex and his family, missionaries to Nova Mutum (a little over 300 miles south from where we are), will be taking over the work in our absence.  They have not yet started the new work there but are getting everything prepared, so as soon as we return they will have a new church plant.  This family has been a very big blessing and encouragement to us.  We are so thankful for their faithfulness and dedication in service for our Master.


Praises: 1. Salvation of souls.  2. Many first time visitors in the past months. 3. God´s faithfulness.


Prayer requests:  1. Continued growth of the believers. 2. Salvation of souls. 3. Our trip to the USA.


Thank you for faithfully praying for us and giving towards the work here.  Many have helped out in a special way with extra giving towards the building project, so thank you.  Because of your faithfulness many souls are being won, one by one.



 In HIM,

The Doolittles

Stephen, Kelly, and family





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