Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


  “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name 

under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”  

Acts 4:12


     As we approach the end of this year and take a moment to look back to see what God has done, we stand amazed once again that He saw fit to allow us to have a small part in His work.  Through believers praying and giving, we are seeing souls saved and new Christians growing in the Lord. God is so good, and we are so thankful for everything HE has done.


     The second Sunday of December is Bible Day in Brazil.  The same day is also Family Day.  So, we strongly encouraged the people to invite family and friends to this service.  The person that brought the most visitors won a Bible.  Prior to that Sunday it was fun seeing all the competition that was going on as the church members would say how many people they had invited, and how they were going to win the Bible.  Well Edemar was the one who won the Bible and was so proud of his new Bible.  


     Then the Sunday after that we had our Christmas program.  All that participated worked hard in preparing for it, and they did a great job in showing how today people in general do not have a place in their home for Jesus.  For both services, Bible Day and the Christmas program, we had good numbers and several visitors.


     We also saw Kemily, who is 8 years old, accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.  We had been praying for her salvation, and God answered once again.  We have also had a few new couples visit the church.  We just started a Bible study with Bruno and Natalia this week and are working on setting up visits with two other couples.  Pray for their salvation.  Also, the lady that lives in front of the church visited last Sunday.  Pray for her salvation as well.  


     Our building project for the church’s all-purpose building is well under way.  The actual size of the building is going to be 20 meters by 15 meters (65 ft by 49 ft).  We have done the paperwork, alongside the engineer who is working with us, and have submitted it to the city for approval.  God has blessed so that we and the church were able to pay the engineer and all the city fees.  We are in the process of buying the materials before the turn of the year since after January 1st the prices will go up.  Of the $10,000 dollars, God has already given $7,400 dollars.  If you would still like to help with this you can send your offering to Macedonia World Baptist Missions, marking it for building fund.  If you would like to come help put this structure up, just let us know.  We are planning groundbreaking sometime in February.  We would love to have you come and see the work.  A special thank you to the churches and individuals that have helped with this project already.      


Thank you so much for the Christmas cards we have received and the special offerings toward Christmas.  We love and appreciate each one of you!  


We would like to wish you a Christ filled Christmas!


And a New Year of greater service for our Lord and King! 




Joyfully serving Him,


The Doolittles

Stephen, Kelly, and family


© 2010

The Doolitte Family

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