Here we are already two months into 2023. God is good!! We had a good Christmas program at church where the Gospel was presented and also a very good watchnight service at the turn of the year. Our watchnight service started with a meal, followed by a service, and then we prayed in the New Year. We also presented the theme, hymn, and verse for the year. This year our church theme is “Expecting Jesus”. Not only are we expecting greater things in 2023, but also expecting His imminent return.
The work here continues to go forward, and we have seen spiritual growth in the body of believers. More people have stepped forward to help with the work.. A couple of young men are starting to develop more their acoustic guitar playing and are helping out more with the music. Of course, we have a few of the ladies that have been helping with the children. Brother Izailton has already preached twice on our Wednesday night service. He has been growing and wants to be used by the Lord. We are so grateful for the people and what God is doing through them.
The church construction project has been coming along well. The walls are up and plastered, and the electrical has been done. Most of the wood structure is up for the drop ceiling, and we should be getting most of the plumbing done very soon. As the Lord has been providing, we have been applying it toward the construction.
We have more exciting family news to announce. Our son Philip will be getting married on June 3rd to Abigail, a young lady from his church. So, we will be coming back to the USA on April 4th and returning to Brazil on June 9th. We are not trying to schedule any meetings since we will be trying to help some of the children to relocate to new places and of course two weddings and one graduation. We do covet your prayers for us and the family in general with all the great things that are happening.
While we are in the USA, missionary Scott Allen and his wife will be taking over the work. They have already arrived here in Guarantã and already have been a blessing to us. Pray for them as well as they take on this work in our absence.