Our time in the US was a blessing and at the same time very busy. On May 13th we were privileged to see Joshua and Gretchen graduate from PCC, and then on May 16th they got married. On May 17th we helped Jared and Hannah move to Greenville, South Carolina, where both have new jobs. Then on the 18th, we returned to Pensacola to pick up more of Joshua and Gretchen’s move and take it to Georgetown, Kentucky. We had a bit of car trouble on that leg of the trip but were able to fix it, and we praise the Lord for the safety provided. On June 3rd, Philip and Abigail were married at Lakewood Baptist Church in Harrison, Tennessee. It is a blessing to see the children grow up and move on with their lives, but our responsibility does not stop as we continue to pray for them and to encourage them to stay faithful to God and His Word. While in the states, we were also able to visit a few churches. We are thankful for the kindness shown upon us.

On June 9th, we returned to Brazil, and thankfully had a really good trip. Missionaries Scott and Donna Allen did a great job in our absence. We are so grateful for them. Now we are back and busy in the work here, fixing minor things at the church and getting ready to continue the building project.

July 10th thru the 14th we will be having our Vacation Bible School. Our theme is “Strong in the Lord”. We are excited to see what God is going to do so please pray for us. Next week the schools will be out here, so we plan to canvass the neighborhoods where we run the bus to try to reach more children.

As mentioned in the last letter, it has been good to see the people from the church pick up and do in our absence, but also to see them continue to do it once we got back. We have a young lady that Kelly has been teaching the piano. She was actually able to play some of the songs in our absence. We also have a young man that is playing the acoustic guitar alongside Kelly on the piano.

Continue to pray for the work here as we make contact with new people and others as well, that we would see the Holy Spirit convict hearts, save souls, and challenge us as a church that we would truly be a light for Christ.