“For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth”, Psalm 33:4. This is our Bible verse to memorize this week at church. This is a reminder of Who we serve and gives a challenge to follow. In a world that is filled with the darkness of sin, what a privilege it is for us to bring the light of His word and works which are perfect.

On September 7th the church went to the river and spent most of the day there. We got everything set up and then we had our baptism followed by a service. We then fixed lunch and had a great time of fellowship. It was truly a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone. We noticed that the children especially enjoyed some time to be able to get wet. So, on October 12th, which is a holiday here, Children’s Day, we got permission to take the children from the church back to the river just to have fun. We went out shortly after lunch and again had a great time. Since it was a holiday many of the parents were there as well. We fed the children hot dogs, cake, and other things that children like. Some of the children have said that that was one of the best times that they have had.

The church continues to go forward. We have not seen a big growth in numbers as we would like, but we have seen spiritual growth in many of the church family. When we started this church plant, you will recall that the majority of the families that we reached, the man and wife were not married. Slowly but surely one by one they have gotten married. One couple that has held back for so many years are finally getting married next month on Thanksgiving Day. This is truly an answer to prayer, and something we are very thankful for. We are so excited for them.

Last Tuesday as we were cleaning the church for the Wednesday service, a man came over and started talking to me. He had a bit too many drinks as you could smell it all over him. He wanted me to pray over him and that my prayer would heal him. The healing he needed was spiritual, healing from his sins, so I invited him to come back for the Wednesday service. He came (thankfully sober) and after the service I told him that my prayer could not save him, but Jesus could and would. He prayed asking Christ to save him. I saw him the following Thursday and went to his house to meet his sister who he lives with. She is a strong catholic and a bit confused as she insisted that baptism would heal her brother. Sunday morning, they both came to Sunday school, and he was at church again Sunday night. Pray for Adriano, that God will give him victory over his drinking issues. He has literally lost everything because of his addiction. Pray for the salvation of his sister Edna.

We have some special prayer requests. We would like to ask you to pray for Kelly’s mother, Mary, as she battles Lymphoma. The cancer was in remission but has returned. Continue to pray for our three children and their spouses as they serve the Lord where He has placed them, and Benjamin as he is in his junior year at PCC.