We had a wonderful Christmas here in Brazil. We had the privilege of having our sons, Joshua and Benjamin, with us for two weeks. Even though the time was short, it was very precious. We had a Christmas program at church and had children, young people and adults all participating. They all did such a wonderful job, and we were encouraged by the involvement of so many. The service was well attended, and the Gospel was preached.

Between Christmas and New Years, we had another couple from the church get married. This was very exciting for us and the church. Daniel and Samara had been living together for quite some time. Through Bible studies, they saw they were living in sin and got married legally. Very soon they will be joining the church as members. Please pray as this has been a continual battle here as it is a common practice to live together. We have other couples that are in this same situation and praying they will take the same step to get married.

Our watchnight service at the turn of the year went well. We started off with a meal with the main dish of Brazilian BBQ. Then we had a wonderful service where the people had the opportunity to share their blessings of 2021. The Gospel was preached, and then we prayed in the New Year. It was a wonderful time of Christian fellowship.

January 2022 started out well with door to door visitation and the regular activities of the work. We are seeing growth in the people which always is a blessing to us. Also, Valdecir accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. We had been praying for his salvation. We have been having a good number of people for our services so the small wooden building we are in is almost at capacity. This has led us to start looking at construction of a permanent church building.

We have not started a building project yet, but are looking at what is the best way to do things since everything has gone up in price. We are blessed to have an engineer in church that can draw up the plans for us that would save us on that expense. The first step that we want to do are the much needed classrooms, then the auditorium, and lastly, working on the parsonage.

We are getting ready now for our Missions Conference that will be held on March 25 thru 27. The ladies of the church are planning an international dinner for Saturday night, which we are looking forward to. We ask you to pray for us that, as a church we will be able to see an increase in our Faith Promise Giving so we can do more for missions. One of the missionaries that we already support will be our speaker. This is always one of the highlights of the year for us.

We would not be able to do what we do if you were not faithful in praying for us and giving towards the ministry here. Thank you for your part.