Once again as I sit down to write this letter I am filled with gratitude for how the Lord has faithfully cared for us, well above and beyond what we could ever imagine.  I know that this pandemic has changed a lot of things, but I am so grateful that my GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever!

This furlough has truly been a blessing for us.  Even though we have traveled many miles, it has been such a blessing.  We have been encouraged time and time again. The generosity that you have shown to us and our ministry has been overwhelming.  We have also been able  to get a glimpse of other ministry ideals that we will be able to use once back in Brazil.

It has also been good to be with our family and see God working in their lives.  It will truly be an adjustment as we go back as empty nesters.  It seems like we just got here, and now we are already making all the arrangements for our return to Brazil, but we have enjoyed ever minute we have been able to spend with our parents and our children.

As many of you might know, Brazil is a hot spot for Covid.  According to CDC, Brazil is at level four, which is very high.  Even if you have been vaccinated it is not recommended to travel to Brazil.  So please pray for us, for God’s wisdom in dealing with each situation that we will face.  We travel to Brazil June 22nd.  As of yet, our flight remains the same even though some flights are being cancelled.  Pray with us that this flight will not change, and we will be able to return as planned.

Jed and Gloria continue to serve faithfully in our absence.  It has not been easy for them as they have had to shut down a couple of different times due to Covid, but they have remained faithful.  Remember to pray for them as they transition to the city of Alta Floresta.  They already rented a house, so its just a matter of learning the city and establishing the church that God wants there.

This is an interesting time to serve the Lord.  With all the uncertainties that surround us and as the world grasps at straws hoping to find hope, what an opportunity to point people to The Only One that can offer true hope.  It is so good to know that GOD is in control.

     Thank you for praying and giving so faithfully toward the work that God has called us to.

Joyfully serving Him, 

Stephen and Kelly Doolittle