In the region of Brazil that we are in, we have two seasons, wet, very wet, and dry, very dry. We are now saying goodbye to the rainy season and welcoming in the dry season. As you would expect with the dry season, most all the plants and grass start to dry up and change to a brown color. What can stay green, literally gets covered with dust. The dust will get so bad that you can smell, feel, and taste it. Even though humanly we may not be excited about the dust, in a spiritual way, it reminds me of the great mission that we must get the Gospel everywhere, covering everything, so that the lost person can smell, feel, and have the opportunity to taste the great salvation that He has to offer.
But things are not dry spiritually. We continue to see God work in the lives of the people. Of all those that left during the Pandemic, all but one family have returned, and this one family, recently starting returning to services. This is truly exciting, as our numbers are greater than before the pandemic. Our membership has grown as well. We now have some other ladies that are helping with teaching the children, which is a big blessing to us, especially Kelly. It has been great to see people volunteering to help. We will be starting soon with the training of two men, possibly more, to help with the teaching, and in the future, the preaching of God’s Word. Pray that God will direct us as we help these that want to serve at a greater capacity. On April 10th, Eloah, a young girl whose family is already part of the church, accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. She is 10 years old. Pray for her walk with the Lord.
In the month of March, we celebrated the 5th year anniversary of the church with our Faith Promise Mission’s Conference. Pastor Andre (our guest speaker) and his wife Marlete were an encouragement to our church family. The international dinner on Saturday night was a true blessing. But most importantly, we saw God work in the hearts of His people. The people committed to an increase in monthly giving so we will be able to do more for missions in 2022. Praise the Lord!
On Easter, we had a sunrise service at 5:30am, that is always a blessing, and after that a breakfast that everyone participated in. At 9:00am we had our Sunday School for all the church and the bus kids, with the Easter Story. And of course, the evening service focused on Easter as well. It is always a special time of the year for us as Christians that we can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
As mentioned in the last letter, we are needing to build Sunday school classes. Many things have changed here in the last couple of years regarding construction codes. So, it has taken us a bit longer in getting things together, but we are hoping to have a definite on the cost by the middle of May. Please pray for this project and the involvement of our people here in it.