A couple of weeks ago we officially became empty nesters, and with that a lot of mixed emotions as we wrap things up state side getting ready to head back to Brazil. There have been many changes in these past seven months as you see your children grow up and start their own course in life, but definitely exciting to see all faithfully searching and following God’s will for their lives.

As mentioned in the last prayer letter, this furlough has been a refreshing and recharging time for us. The meetings, fellowship, emails, letters and calls have been so encouraging to us as we head back to the work in Brazil. We know things will be different with no children around, but know that God is in control, and there is a great work to be done.

Our sending church, Victory Baptist, was a great encouragement to us. We had the great opportunity to get to know many of the new families of our sending church. The church also provided an apartment for us to stay in the time we have been here. One of the highlights, was the privilege of helping in their vacation Bible school and especially to see souls saved through this.

Even though we traveled many miles and visited many supporting churches, we also have had the opportunity to spend time with family on both sides, which is always a blessing. As this is being written, we are currently in Pensacola, Florida, with all our children and son-in-law, enjoying time together before heading out from Ft Lauderdale on Tuesday the 22nd back to Brazil. We did have a flight cancellation but was able to get another flight with a different airline on the same day. God has been working in all of that as well. Thank you for your prayers.

I do have a new phone number that will work in Brazil. We had hoped to keep the one we used while on this furlough but were unable to. The new number is 423-414-4959. You can either text or call this number. I can also be reached through the Signal or Telegram apps, which are free. Our old number works as well but is a skype number. (706-996-2829)

We are excited to be getting back to the work and the people that God has put in our paths. We are so grateful for the great work Jed and Gloria Duarte have done in our absence. Continue praying for us (and for Jed and Gloria as well) that God will use us in a mighty way for HIS honor and glory