November the 2nd is celebrated here as the day of the dead, when friends and family go to the cemetery. They burn candles and leave flowers for their deceased loved ones. We took this opportunity to set up tables in two different locations and gave Bibles and evangelistic materials to all who would accept, and for those that gave us a little time, we shared Christ. I was also interviewed by a local news station and was able to tell why we were there. In the picture you see the group from the church that helped out.

On that same day we also had another baptismal service. We had three more people to baptize. We praise the Lord for these that took this step.

God has been so good and the Lord has added to the church. We had a business meeting and had four new members added. The services have been very well attended which is always exciting as well. Continue to pray for souls to be saved. We have had several visitors of late. We have had one family come and have even started a study in their home. They have not accepted Christ, and sadly seem to think their good works will get them into heaven. Pray that they would understand the truth of God’s Word and see their need of Christ for forgiveness of their sin.

We are also in the process of getting things ready for the Christmas program at church. This year we are having plenty of help which is a blessing. We are also preparing for our watchnight service on New Year’s Eve. Pray that God give us many visitors for both services.

Some of you have asked about the court case. We still continue to wait as we have placed this in the Lord’s hands. We know that we could wait for years. We take comfort in knowing that God’s timing is always perfect.

In closing we want to once again thank all of you for the cards and extra gifts that have been sent our way for Christmas. As you share Christ where you are and we share Christ where we are, may Christ truly be exalted as HE should be this joyous season.