Here we are once again, Christmas and New Year’s. It has been an amazing year as we look back and see what God has done. God is Good!
The church work continues to go forward. You will recall that we are in a building project. We hope to have the walls up and stucco on before Christmas. Then comes the drop ceiling, plumbing and electrical. We are going forward as the Lord provides and are so grateful for all that have already helped in this area.
Sunday the 11th is Bible Day here in Brazil. We also have family day on the same Sunday. We encouraged the people to invite for a special service, and the person that brought the most visitors would win a Bible. We had 63 people that Sunday. It was a record number for us. Many lost people heard the Gospel. Izailton won the Bible. Sunday the 18th we will have our Christmas program and are looking forward to what God is going to do. Also, we will be having a watchnight service on the 31st. Continue to pray for the salvation of souls. We have had one family visiting after we made contact with them through door to door witnessing. His name is Julio and her name is Terezinha. Pray for their salvation.
We wanted to give an update on all of our children as many of you have supported the ministry and remember our children when we were just starting out as missionaries.

Philip is doing well. He is very active in his church with choir, teaching SS class, helping with media, etc. He also has a new job at an accounting firm in Chattanooga.
Hannah and Jared are about to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary and are doing well. They were able to come visit us in Brazil and spend Thanksgiving with us. It was such a blessing. Hannah continues working as a nurse and Jared, besides work, is working on his Ph.D. degree in Bible Exposition.
Joshua is excited that he will be graduating in May. He got engaged to Gretchen Meyer in November and are planning a wedding shortly after graduation. Gretchen will also be graduating in May.
Benjamin is doing well also. He is looking forward to Christmas break. He has completed 1 and 1/2 years at PCC.
All the children will be headed to Chattanooga to spend Christmas together. They are all looking forward to that. This will be the very first year that we will have no children with us for Christmas. We are very grateful that they all will have some time together. We are thankful for the children that God entrusted to us and thankful for your prayers for them throughout the years.
Thank you for your prayers and the financial gifts. Thank you also for the extra love offerings sent to us during this time of the year. We plan to use much of it toward the building project. We are so grateful for you and your part in the work here.