September the 7th is Independence Day in Brazil. Since many of the church are not able to go places and do things, we decided to have a family day along the river at a place that is private. It was a good time of fun, food, and fellowship. Since it was on a Wednesday, we also had our service there. Everyone had an opportunity to share a Bible verse and what it meant to them and share God’s blessings. We praise the Lord for the freedom we have in Brazil to share God’s Word.
Davi Luiz (6) came up to me one night after service and said he wanted to get saved. He had a clear understanding of what he needed to do. It was wonderful to hear him pray and ask Jesus into his heart. Before he finished his prayer, he asked Jesus to help his dad come to church and get saved. Pray for Rodrigo, his dad.
In September we started getting everything lined up to get busy with the building project at the church. We were blessed to have another church send us 2,000 dollars toward this project. On October 4th, we were able to get started. The metal work was done by the 12th, and we are now preparing for the next phase in this project which is the raising of the walls. Lord willingly this will be started sometime in November.
In October we also had our first family conference, and it was such a blessing. We had another MWBM missionary, Alex Lima, come and preach the conference. The families were very encouraged by this. Pray for our families here, as we know the enemy would love to see homes destroyed.
In October we also celebrated Children’s Day. We planned a special day for all the children of the church. We were able to rent some inflatable equipment as well. We have a good number of children in the church, because almost all of our families have children. We also had our bus kids there. It was a blessing to be able to do something special for the children of the church.
Our MWBM field director, Robert Smith, and his wife, Cathy, also came for a visit. They arrived in our city on October 19th, and he preached for us that Wednesday evening. He and his wife were a great blessing to us and the church.
Now, after all that has come and gone, we are getting back to the building project. I was able to dig the holes for the footers and finished them this past week. Now I will be sitting down with the builder to start the masonry part. We already have the funds needed for this part. Our desire is for this work to be finished as soon as possible as then we can start using the rooms.
We have also had some first-time visitors at church. Not all want a home visit, but some do. Pray for those that we will be visiting that God would deal with hearts, and that we can see them born into the family of God. Pray as well as we go door to door on Saturdays, that hearts would be open to hear His Word.